Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna’s increase the body’s core temperature producing a very deep and detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where the majority of toxins and heavy metals are stored. Far infrared waves provide concentrated radiant energy similar to the Sun without the harmful UV rays. Detox Haven’s Far Infrared Sauna’s use dry, far infrared heat. They are equipped with an oxygenizer and are very well ventilated. Your Sauna Therapy includes complementary Chromotherapy which provides an extremely relaxing and very comfortable treatment. Our saunas all have AMFM/CD players with IPOD capability. Enjoy listening to your favorite music during your sauna therapy.

Dr. Leo Trasande, assistant director of the Center for Children’s Health and the Environment at Mount Sinai in New York, has said, “We are putting humans in a dangerous and unnatural experiment in the U.S., and I think it’s unconscionable. We are in an epidemic of environmentally mediated disease among American children today. Rates of asthma, childhood cancers, birth defects and developmental disorders have exponentially increased, and it can’t be explained by changes in the human genome. So what has changed? All the chemicals we’re being exposed to.

Virtually every man, woman and child is in a crisis of toxic overload—burdened by many more toxins than our bodies can handle. This is a very serious and growing crisis—more dire in many ways than global warming.

Chemicals that are water soluble pass through the body relatively quickly, but fat-soluble chemicals can stay in our fat cells for 50 years and more. And they’re not just sitting there doing nothing—they’re creating cellular malfunctions of all kinds leading to every imaginable disease.

Detoxifying is the most essential action anyone can take to start the process towards vibrant, energetic and youthful health. It is staggering to learn how widespread toxins are part of our daily lives. Never before has there been a way to metabolize this buildup of stored chemicals, heavy metals, acids and disease causing toxins until now!

Infrared heat is the only heat that penetrates deep enough and hot enough to melt subcutaneous adipose tissue fat which is where the body stores dangerous toxins and acids and expels them safely out of the body through sweat.

Studies have shown that over 95% of disease is caused by the lack of oxygen. Where there is no oxygen, cancer thrives. Where there is an oxygen or alkaline environment, no disease can survive!