Ionic Foot Detox

OPTIMUM FOCUS Energetic Footbath Systems

By placing your feet in a warm tub of water for 35 minutes, you are comfortably and easily cleansing at the cellular level. You’ll feel revitalized, balanced, healthy and ready to enjoy life, often as a result of just a single bath.

The OPTIMUM FOCUS ionic footbath is a gentle and effective way to cleanse the body. It is the newest of experimental therapeutic devices developed with the help of practitioners who have worked in the field of energetic baths since they were first introduced to the American public. Over four years of field research has gone into the development of this unit.

 “In the largest study of chemical exposure ever conducted on human beings, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that most American children and adults have dozens of pesticides and toxic compounds in their bodies, many of them linked to potential health threats.” – Los Angeles Times